Concept Engineering

Developing a cast metal product requires focus on its function and targeted performance. It also requires focus on the casting, finishing, machining and assembly of the final product. This means establishing the right conditions to produce accurate castings, using the most efficient manufacturing technology.
We constantly strive towards a total concept. At all times we are aware that our clients must focus on quality, productivity and costs. Our whole philosophy is focused on providing customized foundry solutions, which stems right from the feasibility and pre-engineering studies of the concept phase. Always working in close cooperation with our clients we establish a bankable report including issues such as:


  • Feasibility Studies/Techno Economical Base
  • Process Technology
  • Process Flow & Logistics
  • Foundry Lay-out
  • Equipment List
  • Utilities Requirements e.g. electrical power,
    gas, compressed air, water
  • Budget/Cost Estimation
  • Raw Material Requirements
  • Manning Schedule
  • Project Time Frame

Gemco Concept_Core shop





















Gemco_Concept_sand plant