Project Management

As Project managers we can take full responsibility for all project engineering and management activities required for your foundry project. Conceptual engineering and detailed design will be carried out based on your basic design data and in close cooperation with your staff to ensure that your requirements are met.

  • professional teams
  • strong client involvement
  • modern control teams

After the engineering stage has been completed we can manage all project activities required for the successful implementation of the project. The activities falling under "Project Management" serve the very important purpose to keep control of the execution of the project. These activities include:


  • Co-ordination of tasks
  • Monitoring on Time
  • Monitoring on Budget
  • Administration of Documents


... working with you ...

Gemco_Birdview (courtesy GF) New to build foundry_PME Project China

Gemco 3D Engineering_PME Project ChinaGemco_As Built_PME Project China

























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