Special Machines

Measure Made Solutions


GEMCO also offers solutions in case you require equipment/machinery that is not “off-the-shelf” nor “within range” available from customary foundry suppliers. This may occur in existing situations (modernization or expansion) as well as for a new to build foundry. You may need integration of several functions in just one piece of equipment or you require  increased speed in combination with even higher safety or a higher level of automation and/or reduce manpower. In many different situations our engineers have produced measure made solutions for our customer’s specific requests.


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Automated Metal Treatment and Pouring System 

Gemco_3Ddesign_MetalTreatment_andPouringSysytem Gemco_Realization_MetalTreatment_and_PouringSystem

Measure-made design, supply and set-up of a pouring installation for a continuous moving moulding line. The system handles a tilting ladle mounted on a moving carriage which synchronizes with the moulding line speed. The system is provided with an automated ladle exchange system to remove the empty ladles from the pouring unit onto the ladle refilling system, including (semi-)automated pigging, alloys and additives dosing, filling and deslagging operations 


Automated Pattern Storage & Loading System

Gemco_3Ddesign_Automated Pattern Storage


Requirement: to perform the pattern change within the cycle time of the moulding line, while minimizing the required surface.

Result: pattern storage space was created in height.  A 9 meter high bay storage system, to contain 42 ready to use patterns, each 7sqm, was specially designed to optimize the floor surface. The storage contains complete patterns, already attached to the bolster plates. Handling of the patterns (sliding in/out of the 7+ meter deep slots of the storage rack) is performed by an automated pattern manipulator. The pattern manipulator also lifts and lowers patterns to moulding line level and transfers the patterns to the moulding line where they are prepared for the moulding process and joined together with the flask halves  


















































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